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The Kettlebell’s Secret Files, is without a doubt, the most complete and detailed textbook about the origin, development and evolution of kettlebell training.

I consider it one of the largest and most exhaustive projects that I have carried out in my life as an author and the amount of information is such that I was forced to separate it into 2 volumes.

CONTENTS OF VOLUME 1 [1700-1918]

In the first volume, containing more than 200 pages, you will find:

– EXCERPTS FROM 12 ORIGINAL TRAINING MANUALS: Analysis of the chapters dedicated to kettlebell training. Some of them, translated to English for the very first time.

– TRAINING ROUTINES: designed with the style and exercises used in each time period.

– The definitive TIMELINE to understand the origins of the Kettlebell.

– “MASTERS OF STRENGTH”: Historical reviews about the most important figures in the history of kettlebell training.

– A SPECIAL CHAPTER dedicated to the «Turkish Get Up» [TGU], revealing the true story of this great exercise and how to use it in your training sessions.

– Hundreds of historical photos and original illustrations accompany the text and facilitate its understanding.

– All the information collected in the research, plus my personal notes and opinions covering an extensive period from Ancient Greece to 1918.

The Kettlebell’s Secret Files is the result of a lifetime of study, dedication and research work.

In order to organize and present this amount of information in a coherent way, in addition to the knowledge and experience in kettlebell training, a great deal of work was needed in collaboration with libraries, newspaper libraries, museums and private collectors. Also, the translation of old Russian, German, Ukrainian, Polish and French texts from the turn of the 20th century.

The intention behind Kettlebell’s Secret Files, is to fill the information void existing between the actual and documented origins of the Kettlebell as a training tool and the revival of this activity globally, in the 21st century.

Learn about the true story behind Kettlebell Training, its origins, its pioneers, the different styles, main exercises and its impact on Physical Culture around the world.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this publication is the large number of lessons that we can learn from knowing the past, so as to understand the present and build the future of physical training.

Using critical thinking, access to accurate information and working responsibly, we can strengthen the body and mind, achieve health, reach our goals and help others.